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Le Cordon Bleu: A Century Old Cooking School in Paris

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Le Cordon Bleu: A Century Old Cooking School in Paris

Le Cordon Bleu is a culinary arts school established in Paris in 1895 by Marthe Diste who published the magazine La Cuisiniere Cordon Bleu.

The school is considered to be the guardian of French culinary techniques and aims to pass on this knowledge to students through a number of culinary and hospitality qualifications.

With campuses all over the the world, including Paris, London, Tokyo and Sydney  the school is one of the most recognised culinary educators in the business and places are in high demand.

Through harnessing a network of professional chefs the school aims to teach students through work shops, classes and professional kitchen experience. The schools policy is to accept students from varying backgrounds and although they say that most applicants already have some cooking experience they will also consider applications from beginners who show a strong passion for food.

Application forms can be picked up from the website and courses are offered in culinary arts, restaurant and hospitality management and even a course in language for the hospitality industry.

The schools alumni is made up of some of the biggest names in the food industry with Nathalie Dupree, Dione Lucas and Julia Child all gaining qualifications at the school, if you have a dream of changing career or furthering your food education this is one of the best options available.

To see a full list of courses available at the school click here.

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And to see a full list of Le Cordon Bleu alumni click here.

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