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9 Iconic Dishes From Laurent Petit of Clos des Sens

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9 Iconic Dishes From Laurent Petit of Clos des Sens

In our latest edition of Iconic Dishes series, we look at Clos des Sens by chef Laurent Petit - one of the two new entries in the three star category of the latest Michelin France 2019. Iconic Dishes looks at the dishes, styles and techniques that have come to define some of the best chefs in the world. Make sure to take a look at our Iconic Dishes edition of the other new three star restaurant in Michelin France 2019, Mirazur, by Mauro Colagreco

Clos des Sens opened in 1992, and took its first Michelin star in 2000, the second star arriving another seven years later. The key stepping point for both the restaurant and the chef occurred however in 2015 - a time that Petit refers to as his “Cooking Out”, a sort of coming out from the rigid “codes of gastronomy” such as the idea that high level French restaurants must serve fois gras, lobster or caviar.

It was a personal revelation which entailed a newfound sense of creativity, and the evolution of the dishes at Clos des Sens, which are, since 2015, all lake- and plant-based and 100% local, with no producer being more than 50km from his restaurant. He invites his producers to eat at the restaurant on a regular basis which according to Petit, is essential so that they can understand what he does with their products. 

In a recent interview with our FDL team in France, Petit talked about his newest addition to the restaurant: a permaculture garden that covers 1,500 square metres and over 200 varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruit and edible flowers. His goal is that the vegetables shall “not know the fridge”, and wants his cooks to spend an hour every morning in this garden. 

Clos des Sens is in Annecy, surrounded by three beautiful lakes in the Savoy (Annecy, Geneva and Bouget) and an unparalleled natural environment. The current space is the result of a major renovation following his “Cooking Out”. Elegant, contemporary, and serene, it is a clear extension of Petit’s dishes. 

"It's a story of a couple, this restaurant is our baby, we live cooking, we dream of cooking," commented Petit, who appeared very moved at the news by Michelin France. Access to these three stars has been a real "journey of 26 years" added his wife, Martine Petit

Here are some of the iconic dishes of Laurent Petit at Clos des Sens.

Confit trout, Lotte du Lac of Annecy poutargue soup, Beluga lentils

Image Credit: Matthieu Cellard

Crispy skin lavaret, Niels Rodin's bitter citrus

Image Credit: Matthieu Cellard

Roasted, confit, silky and opalescent fennel

Image Credit: Clos des Sens

Perch cooked as an anchovy, with crispy fishbone

Image Credit: Clos des Sens

Savoy mushrooms

Image Credit: Matthieu Cellard

Herb Salad

Image Credit: Matthieu Cellard

Barbecued beetroot, smoked whitefish

Image Credit: Clos des Sens

Roasted tomatoes from the garden, flowing egg

Image Credit: Clos des Sens

Agastache from the garden, raspberries

Image Credit: Clos des Sens 

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