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Step Inside the Kitchen at La Maison du Cygne

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Step Inside the Kitchen at La Maison du Cygne

We recently brought you a strange video that brought the sounds of snacks to life, it was a great watch but this next video takes the sound of food to a whole a new level.

Created at the La Maison du Cygne restaurant in Brussels, the wonderful dishes of chef Dimitri Strasser spring into action as a kitchen composition begins to play.

Cuts, chops, bangs, cracks and pops are all recorded as music is slowly created from the sounds of the kitchen - similar to our very own video launched when FDL first went online.

It’s a colourful creation and some of chef Strasser’s food, especially the first dish, looks like a real gastronomic experience.

Grand Place 9
1000 Bruxelles
Tel - +32 2 511 82 44

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