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Where to Eat the Best Kosher Plov in New York

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Where to Eat the Best Kosher Plov in New York
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Among all the different versions of plov, there’s the kosher variant, created by what was once a thriving Uzkbek Jewish community. Most of whom have immigrated to New York.

What’s left of the Jewish community of Uzbekistan can be found among the buildings along 108th street in New York, considered the Broadway of the Bukharans. This area, region between Rego Park and Forest Hills in Queens, is where the majority of Jews from what was once the largest and oldest Jewish population of Central Asia, (said to date back to the 7th Century B.C., and which still numbered 50,000 people in 1960) now live.

And this is the only place where you can still enjoy dishes from Central Asia made according to kosher dietary laws. In the capital city of Bukhara, there is no restaurant to serve the miniscule Jewish community that still resides there, about 120 people.

So if you’re curious to try the Jewish version of plov – prepared with spinach, chicken and lots of cumin – you’re going to have to head to New York and order a dish from places like Salut 2000 Inc, between 108th and 63rd, and Cheburechnaya, on 63rd.

Salut 2000 Inc
6342 108th St – New York
Tel. +1 718 275 6860

518 Neptune ave – New York
Tel. +1 718 897 9080

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