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Johnnie's Beef in Chicago

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Johnnie's Beef in Chicago

Expect no frills or extras at this tiny roadside stand serving hot dogs and what has to be one of the  best sandwiches in Chicago. 

You’re going to need to head a bit out of town to try this super tasty hot beef sandwich but it’s a beefy pilgrimage that’s well worth taking.

The place is packed, smoke bellows from the roof and the sandwich is literally dripping in meat juices. It's far from refined but the taste is truly delicious.

The spicy is just that, spicy, but they also serve Italian style ices to help cool down the hundreds of locals lining up for their weekly beef fix. 

We suggest asking for wet and hot, but avoid the double dip if you don’t want your fingers to smell of spicy beef for a week.

7500 W North Ave
Elmwood Park
IL 60707
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