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The Rome's Restaurant Where To Eat 'Ironed' Food

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The Rome's Restaurant Where To Eat 'Ironed' Food

Cooks need imagination and determination - and they should never give up. And in the center of Rome, a new restaurant behind piazza Navona called No.Au already celebrates those precise qualities. When one of the partners, Teo Musso, who also owns the artisan beer brand Baladin (carried at Eataly in New York) learned that the restaurant couldn’t get permits for ovens or exhaust vents, he didn’t get discouraged.

One of the cooks, Gabriele Bonci - famous for his bread and pizza - had an idea: “Let’s use an iron!” This was no joke: together with a microwave and grill, the addition of an iron gave the restaurant all the cooking power it needed.

For the moment, they’re serving just two “ironed” dishes: squid and cuttlefish. As it's shown in the picture, courtesy Dissapore, cooking method is simple: the ingredients are placed between two sheets of oven parchment and then “ironed” for a few seconds, then dressed with a light vinaigrette. The result is absolutely delicious. And the secret? Making sure the iron is kept on the “cotton” setting.

Via Montevecchio, 16
Rome, Italy
Tel. +39 (0)6 4565.2770

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