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InGalera: The Fine Dining Restaurant Inside an Italian Prison

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InGalera: The Fine Dining Restaurant Inside an Italian Prison

InGalera, slang for 'In Prison' in Italian, is a new fine dining concept with a difference and Italy's first restaurant behind bars.

Set inside the Bollate medium security prison on the outskirts of Milan, an Italian city more famous for fashion and finance than felony, the brave social experiment seems to be paying off. InGalera's reviews are glowing and the waiting list long.

The staff, including waiters, dishwashers and cooks are all selected from the 1,100 inmates. Whilst the maître d’ and the head chef, Ivan Manzo, are trained professionals. 

Inside, the fresh modern restaurant interior, designed by architect Augusta Comi, diners would struggle to remember they are behind bars, although in an ironic twist the walls decorated with posters from famous prison movies might give it away.

A reasonably priced interesting a la carte menu includes dishes like veal's cheek, and has been praised by Italy's revered food critic in 'Corriere della Sera' . Word has even spread to the other side of the Atlantic where the New York Times has picked up on the restaurant as a dining destination in its own right, despite its unusual security credentials.  

Ristorante InGalera
Via Cristina Belgioioso,
120 20157 Milano


Food and social responsibilty are becoming increasingly interlinked as demonstrated in Massimo Bottura's recent soup kitchen project, also found in Milan.

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