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Ice Cream, Sorbet and Granita

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Ice Cream, Sorbet and Granita

Masters of all foods sweet and savoury, the Neapolitans are credited as the inventors of the first real gelato: a food that has seduced kings, chefs and explorers, this frozen delight has a long tradition across the peninsula, where some of the finest varieties are attributed still today. Whether you choose to close your meal with an affogato (alias a vanilla scoop in a martini glass dressed with a shot of espresso) or with a refreshing sorbetto or granita, don't forget to credit Italians for the delightful inventions! What distinguishes ice cream from sorbet? The first contains either milk or cream, while the second uses only water. As in the case of granita, even if ice crush differ in size: thick for granita, thin for sorbetto.

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