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Gourmet Tours in Switzerland

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Gourmet Tours in Switzerland

In the middle of the most beautiful parts of the Alps, you’ll find the world’s most famous cows: Swiss cows, famous for providing the milk used to make Swiss chocolates and over 400 different kinds of cheeses.
Because of this, one of the most original ways to sample the delicacies of this small European country is to follow in the tracks of the cows themselves on an organized gourmet tour.

There are many guided tours which will take you into the country’s most famous dairy farms, in the mountains and their villages, where you can learn about the artistry that goes into making these special products (each cheese, from Gruyère to Emmental, is made using its own special method), admire the monasteries where they still make cheeses by hand, and listen to the life stories of the farmers, in places where the techniques used remain the same as they were 200 years ago.

The highlight? A tour of the dairy farms of the valleys (Tal’s) of the river Emme, which gives its name to Emmental cheese, near Berne. And if you want to know something more about the 'battle' behind this cheese, click here...

Some tour itineraries at the Swiss tourism board’s website.

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