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7 Places To Eat Gelato in San Francisco

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7 Places To Eat Gelato in San Francisco
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Finding a great gelato place in San Francisco isn't hard. The city is full of shops selling some of the best gelato you'll ever taste produced with quality ingredients. 

San Francisco's proximity to California's Central Valley, a rich agricultural region that produces half of the country's produce, gives gelato shop owners the privilege of sourcing their ingredients from local farmers. It's no coincidence the city is home to seven Michelin-starred restaurants.

During a long day of sightseeing don't forget to carve out some time to make a gelato stop. Below are our top picks for enjoying a scoop or two of gelato in San Francisco.

7 Places To Eat Gelato In San Francisco

Gio Gelati


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Located at 1998 Union Street, Gio Gelati is owned by an Italian family who specializes in using fresh local ingredients like avocados, peaches, and sour cherries to produce creamy gelato.


Coletta Gelato


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Located at 685 Harrison Street in the SoMa neighborhood this gelateria dishes out creative gelato flavors like black sesame seed and passion fruit. The owners, Henri and Antonio, met while studying in Italy and are graduates of the famed Gelato University near Bologna.


Lush Gelato


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Lush Gelato produces small batches of gelato daily. It is located at 1817 Polk Street in Nob Hill and has two additional locations in nearby Berkeley and Oakland.

Sixth Course


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Sixth Course is a boutique pastry shop that offers organic gelato (also in dairy-free flavors). It also specializes in artisan confections like chocolate and French-inspired pastries. Find it at 1544 15th Street in the Mission district.


Philmore Creamery


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Philmore Creamery makes gelato and sorbet by hand. The flavors are exciting - think peach prosecco sorbet and mandarin lime gelato. It is located at 1840 Filmore Street in Lower Pacific Heights.


Holy Gelato!


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This small cafe-style gelato shop is located at 1392 9th Avenue in Inner Sunset. Their menu is extensive and includes vegan options.

Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream

This little hole-in-the-wall shop is cash only and has a long list of Asian-inspired flavors like lychee, durian, taro, and green tea. It is located at 1447 Taraval Street.

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