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Meet Fredrik Andersson, chef at the Mistral in Stockholm

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Meet Fredrik Andersson, chef at the Mistral in Stockholm

Fredrik Andersson is a member of the Scandinavian "New Wave”, a group of chefs from Sweden, Norwegian and Denmark that are becoming a globally-recognized movement, astounding the world’s culinary scene, much like Spanish chefs were in the Nineties.

They’re renowned for using simple, but powerful, base ingredients and preparing their dishes according to its true nature. Andersson is one of the most interesting of these Nordic chefs, both for his creations and the awards he’s already earned, with an ethical cuisine in the best Swedish tradition: respect for nature (the ingredients he uses), respect for humans (his customers) and respect for the culinary arts.

His restaurant, Mistral, is sober and essential, located in a suburb of Stockholm. There’s no excess, no ostentatious luxury. And he cooks with ingredients that can be found just outside the door of his kitchen: leeks, mushrooms, cabbage, onions, potatoes, berries, roots, plums and rhubarb. And meats are local too: lake fish, birds, wild game – “poor” food, exquisitely prepared with traditional Swedish ingredients and techniques.


Enskede (Stoccolma)

Photo courtesy Mistral Restaurant

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