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3 Interactive Food Museums to Visit in 2017

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3 Interactive Food Museums to Visit in 2017
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If you're something of a travelling gourmand, your holidays are probably already dictated by finding the best food in town, but how many times do you get to turn that food fix into a cultural visit to museum of food where you get a hands on taste of the action? 

What better way than to get really stuck in when it comes to food culture and history than taking away an experience from an all encompassing interactive food museum, whether it be in fun food science experiements or tasting sessions. 

Here is our pick of some of three of the most contemporary food and drink museums around the world suited to any food and drink lover, from Bordeaux's brand new wine museum to New York's fabulous Mofad, in search of something new where you're bound to learn a thing or two and have fun doing it too. 

1. La Cita du Vin, Bordeaux, France

Imagine an amusement park dedicated to wine and you've pretty much conjured up France's ultimate wine theme park in Bordeaux. Becoming something of a destination in its own right in one of the most famous wine regions of France where you can drink fine wines, dine on fine food and well, generally have a fine old time. Find out more about it here.


2. Mofad, New York, US

Dubbed the "MOFAD Lab," challenges conventional museums in its 5,000-square foot space dedicated to edible exhibits exploring all aspects of food - from science and manufacturating to culinary history and anthropology, round table discussions and tasting sessions.

Read more about Mofad's recent opening here.


3. The British Museum of Food, London, UK

A uniquely creative food experience in the hands of the creative duo Bompas and Parr is offered in "the world’s first cultural institution entirely devoted to the history, evolution, science, sociology and art of food." What it lacks in size it makes up for in creativity.

Read more about the British Museum of Food here.


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