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German Butcher opens World's Wurst Hotel

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German Butcher opens World's Wurst Hotel
Photo Boebel Bratwurst Bed and Breakfast

A German Master Butcher has opened the world's first sausage hotel in the small village of Rittersbach near Nuremberg, Germany.

Sausage wallpaper, sausage-shaped soap and sausage-style neck pillows are just a few of the sausage-styled interiors that can be found inside Claus Böbel's Boebel Bratwurst Bed and Breakfast (BB & BB).

The seven-bedroom hotel opened in 2018 and has already seen visitors from around the world, fulfilling the butcher's dream of "bringing the traditional sausage to life and making it known all over the world."

The sausage theme has been conscientiously followed through, from the top of the hotel down, quite literally, where bedrooms ceilings are decorated with sausages, including some dangling, encourage customers to go to sleep dreaming of bratwurst!

Bobel champions the traditional Franconian Bratwurst which he makes fresh daily in the family-run butcher's shop next door and to an old family recipe (with natural spices) and typically with minced pork meat. The natural sausage casing also comes with a distinctive  »Bändel«  - a thin layer on the outside of the pork intestine. 

It's clearly not to everyone's taste, and despite offering 25 kinds of sausages, the master butcher is clear that vegetarian sausages will not be making the cut any time soon! 

But, for those sausage lovers on a romantic getaway - there's always the thoughtfully heart shaped bratwurst to hang on the wall and of course, sausages for breakfast.

Here's a look inside. The video's in German- but you get the idea!

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