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Christian Escribà Bakery in Barcelona

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Christian Escribà Bakery in Barcelona

If you can dream it, they can make it. And bake it.

From giant Winnie the Pooh bears made from white chocolate to Dalì-esque wedding cakes adorned with chocolate lobsters, caramel ants and marzipan fried eggs; from 2-metre high initials to gold-topped Aladdin castles: whatever you can imagine, Escribà will create it for you as a cake (there’s even a “flying” cake, they promise. But visitors have to pay a personal trip to the pastisseria to find out more).

Samsonite suitcases, F1 Jaguars and Ferraris, Hermès boxes in the perfect shade of orange with the distinctive brown (chocolate) bow, even enormous 7 meter-high murals that come with thousands of sweet skewers, Escribà is truly the real life, modern-day, Catalan version of Willy Wonka’s factory. And Willy Wonka himself is actually Christian Escribà, or, as he is called by his peers and customers, «the Mozart of chocolate».

The Escribà pastisseria has three locations in Barcelona, and any visitor – whether in the market for something incredible and elaborate or just a simple afternoon treat to enjoy with tea – should stop by one of the shops and pay respects to a true master of confectionary.

For more info (and some amazing creations), check the website.

Photo courtesy Oh!BCN

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