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Gourmet Eating at the Daylesford Café

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Gourmet Eating at the Daylesford Café

Need a treat? A slice of the Daylesford's award-winnning Manouka honey cake is waiting for you...

Simple, clean and authentic food, produced with respect to the environment and mother nature. Light wood, a serene and attentive atmosphere, a large, wood-burning stove in plain view that both reassures and adds warmth: this is the what you’ll find in the Daylesford Café, where customers who come in at any time of the time will receive a warm welcome.

One thing you must try: the Manouka honey cake, which was awarded in 2009 by the Soil Association, the first association in the world to have defined the standards behind “certified organic”. Manouka is a plant native to New Zealand, and is considered to have miraculous healing properties from the indigenous population, and it’s widely known to have powerful anti-bacterial properties.

The café offers sweet baked goods, made with the best ingredients like farm-fresh milk and eggs, and for those who want to really indulge in the regional tradition, the cream tea is the perfect choice. The perfect scones are served with an outstanding strawberry jam, which has been made in the old-fashioned laboratory just a few metres down the road. No pectin or additives of any kind have been used, just tons of fruit from the nearby fields – picked at the perfect moment, for a naturally sweet delight to your taste buds.

For those with a heartier appetite, the Aberden Angus is succulent and tasty, and is served accompanied by Jersey Royal potatoes. All livestock has grazed on the organic pastures under the Daylesford ownership, and the meat literally melts in your mouth. And best of all, the prices are absolutely fair, especially considering the exceptional quality of the ingredients: 7 pounds for a starter, 15 for an entrée.

And of course, this kind of eatery is bound to get noticed – by the Bib Gourmand from the Michelin guides, for example – although this is just one of the over 60 different recognitions that Daylesford has received over the years. With its slow-paced production, its emphasis on the environment, biodiversity and health, it manages to strike the right balance between tradition and modernity. Which is exactly what people are craving.

Daylesford Farmshop & Café
Sells fresh meat and dish, farm-grown fruits and vegetables and has a climate-controlled area for keeping cheeses in plain sight. Also features personalised home and kitchen accessories. The restaurant changes its menu seasonally.

Daylesford near Kingham
Tel. +44 01608 731 700, website.

Photo courtesy Daylesford

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