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Berlin Cafe Only Cooks 'Ugly' Fruit and Veg

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Berlin Cafe Only Cooks 'Ugly' Fruit and Veg

With food waste becoming more and more of a focus for chefs and consumers alike, a new cafe in Berlin is hoping to help by making ugly fruits and vegetables the stars of their dishes.

The Culinary Misfits cafe in Berlin is the idea of Lea Brumsack and Tanja Krakowski who buy produce directly from farmers that many big supermarkets would reject because of aesthetic imperfections.

The pair then cook up these so called ‘ugly’ fruits and vegetables and turn them into wonderful vegetarian menus for the people of Berlin.

It’s a great initiative and one that really challenges the strange idea pushed by supermarkets that our fruits and vegetables should be perfectly formed. The big chains also seem to be taking note of this shift in consumer attitude, just last month the Asda supermarket chain in the UK started a month long pilot to sell ugly fruits and vegetables with a 30% discount.

There’s Isabel Soares, an activist in Portugal who presented her Fruta Feia initiative at the Mad Symposium. She runs a cooperative that only sells ugly fruit and has personally stopped around 41 tons of good food from going to waste.

Take a look at some of the dishes from the Culinary Misfits cafe and some of those poor ‘ugly’ ingredients they’ve managed to rescue from the trash.

Culinary Misfits Cafe
19 Manteuffelstraße
10997 Berlin – Kreuzberg


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