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How to Create Your Own Urban Garden

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How to Create Your Own Urban Garden

If you too feel the irresistible urge to have a New York-style garden, the perfect place – among other things – to show off your set of matching hat/shovel/clogs in yellow polka dots that you’ve never actually been able to flaunt, here’s a series of helpful link and tips to create your urban garden. 


Woollypoket offers simple solutions that are easy to install, perfect for either gardens big and small, hanging gardens and coverings for building façades. Their sacks are made from 100% recycled materials and are available in three versions: vertical systems, modular systems for gardens and a free-standing version.

A very simple idea for the French company Bacsac, which offers modular sacks in various sizes to create and modify your vegetable or decorative garden. This solution also requires less water than traditional planting, and produces fresh, healthy vegetables all year-round.

A solution on wheels: Greenliving propose “mobile edible walls” covered with lettuce and tomatoes, which can be moved either inside or outside. The metallic structure features its own irrigation and LED lighting system that makes anyone feel like an expert vegetable gardener. The kit gets delivered straight to your home and includes gardening gloves and lettuce leaves – ready to create your urban garden!

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