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Coolest Pop-Up Ever Delivers Food Via Parachutes

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Coolest Pop-Up Ever Delivers Food Via Parachutes
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In Australia, sandwich lovers are having a lot of fun with a special delivery that arrives via mini parachutes. At a pop-up restaurant in Melbourne customers are instructed to pay for their order via PayPal, stand at a spot marked with an "X" and catch their flying sandwich.

Delivering sandwiches using mini parachutes isn't just a gimmick used by founders David McDonald and Adam Grant - it's actually a creative solution to serving customers from their 7th floor pop-up restaurant. So far, the fun idea has been a hit with locals.

Sandwiches in Australia are called "jaffles" so the duo aptly named its creations Jafflechutes.  Two flavors are currently on the menu: cheese and tomato or cheese and ham. The jaffles come safely wrapped in paper to ensure a safe delivery.

McDonald and Adams are working on coming up with better methods for payment and are accepting suggestions via Twitter and Facebook. They also plan to expand their unique pop-up concept to other cities like New York.

Watch below to see how much fun customers have catching their cheesy sandwiches flying in the sky:

Via Design Taxi

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