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Champs Elysees Restaurants: 8 Best Places to Dine in Style

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Champs Elysees Restaurants: 8 Best Places to Dine in Style

You've planned a sightseeing trip to one of the most beautiful and famous avenues in all of the world. But when it comes to lunchtime, on or around the Champs Elysees in Paris, it's all too easy to fall into the clutches of the tourist traps.

Fine Dining Lovers helps you find a good restaurant around the Champs Elysees so you never be fooled again.

Best Gourmet Restaurants near the Champs Elysees


Our absolute favourite pick goes to Clarence. Christophe Pelé, named Chef of the Year by the latest Guide Pudlo, offers a menu full of contrasts, between tradition and new techniques, between land and sea, between French dishes and Asian seasonings. We still remember his veal sweetbreads in cuttlefish ink or the squid, radish and Italian sausage ...  simply delicious!

Where? Le Clarence, Hôtel Dillon, 31 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, 75008 Paris.

2. Copenhague by Andreas Moller

Located in the heart of the Champs Elysées Avenue, Copenhague is the gourmet restaurant of La Maison du Danemark. At its head: Andreas Moller, Danish chef who won his first Michelin star a few months after his arrival. The young man offers a map with Nordic and modern flavors, such as mussels, potatoes, chives or pigeon pie, all raised some flowers and herbs cultivated by the chef himself in the small kitchen garden of the restaurant. Find the complete interview of the chef here.

Where? Copenhague, 142 avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris.

3. Le Pavillon Ledoyen de Yannick Alleno

It's impossible to talk about a gourmet restaurant on the Champs Elysees without mentioning Le Pavillon Ledoyen and its chef Yannick Alléno. The king of sauces, fermentation and extraction offers exceptional dishes such as the langoustine tart, Osciètre caviar grain, Strogonoff Inspired Wagyu Gunma Beef or Caramel and white Albe Truffle Fuseau, all served in an enchanting setting overlooking lush greenery.

Where? Pavillon Ledoyen, 8 avenue Dutuit, 75008 Paris.

4. Alan Geeam Restaurant

A little less than two years ago, Alan Geaam realized his dream by inaugurating his first gourmet restaurant a few steps from the Champs Elysées. A few months later, the Lebanese chef received his well deserved first star in the Michelin Guide and since then, the success has only increased. A tip: if you go there, you must absolutely taste the pigeon and pomegranate molasses, a dish on the border between France and Lebanon, and a signature dish of Alan Geaam.

Where? Alan Geaam, 19 Lauriston Street, 75008 Paris.

Restaurants-Brasseries near Champs Elysees 

1. Flora Danica of Andreas Moller

Not want to enjoy a great gourmet meal in Copenhagen? Then take a seat at Flora Danica, the Danish brewery of The House of Denmark. You will discover the famous smorrebrod but also winter herring with spices, Tarama with cod eggs, scallops or Beet salad, pickles and coriander seeds ... In short, an ode to the Danish cuisine in the heart of the Champs Elysees. Little more? The gargantuan brunch offered every Sunday with buffet at will!

Where? Flora Danica, The House of Denmark, 142 avenue des Champs

2. The Drugstore by Eric Frechon

Credit: Nathalie Carne

The Drugstore is the ONLY brewery of the Champs Elysées. Whether you're dreaming of top-of-the-range finger foods like Smoked Salmon Tartines with Beech Wood, Eggplant Caviar Cooked in Woodfire and Pomegranate or California with Spicy Gambas, or more consistent dishes like Cheeseburger, Beef Tartar or King Crab Salad, you will find your happiness in this menu created by three-star chef Eric Frechon.

Where? Le Drugstore, 133 avenue des Champs Elysees, 75008 Paris.

3. Jacopo de Thibault Sombardier

Another good address just a few steps from the Champs Elysees? Jacopo, a contemporary brasserie whose menu is signed Thibault Sombardier, chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Antoine. Here, no quirky recipes but great classics performed to perfection such as Grilled Salmon Steak, Bearnaise Sauce, Blanquette of Veal, Shoulder of Lamb or Cote de Boeuf.

Where? Jacopo, 5 bis rue Vernet, 75008 Paris.

4. Limon by Juan Arbelaez 

A little more than a year ago, Nubé left in Limon in the Hotel Marignan. "This restaurant, located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, worked very well at noon, but in the evening it was another story, it was quite difficult to get people here, to cross the rather icy marble courtyard and to sit down for dinner, so we wanted to change the concept to refresh the image of the place Limon is a restaurant focused on citrus fruits by Michel Bachès, specialist of the kind installed in the Pyrénées-Orientales. We will have fun creating a menu that evolves over the months around this citrus fruit by developing a fresh and quality cuisine with top products. The idea is that customers have a good time at the table "No frills, with dishes with clear and precise seasonings." Limon is a real place of sharing and life, with food and very advance cocktails", explains chef Juan Arbelaez.

Where? Limon, Hôtel Marignan, 14 rue Marignan, 75008 Paris.

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