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Goat Cheese and Artisanal Beer in the Milan '700 Farm

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Goat Cheese and Artisanal Beer in the Milan '700 Farm
Photo Marco Garofalo

The historical Cascina Cuccagna, an ancient rural space right in the centre of Milan, hosted savoury tastings.

Any authentic foodies who find themselves in Milan this week shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the Cascina Cuccagna: an agrarian building that dates back to the 1700s, featuring an interior courtyard typical of the rural Lombardy architecture of the era.

Over the centuries, the metropolis grew around the Cascina, but the “Cuccagna” has always kept the relationship between the city and countryside alive by hosting agrarian markets and fairs and organising cultural initiatives tied to the land and its once-vital wool-spinning industry. For many years, the structure was left in a state of abandon but has undergone architectural remodelling, and has been transformed into a meeting place and an important part of Milan’s heritage.

During the days surrounding Milano Food Week, the Cascina Cuccagna offered goat cheese tastings, with products like “caciotte” – a unique blend of made near Brescia – a Sicilian “crosta fiorita” (with flowered crust) cheese and a fresh curd cheese made in Swiss valleys.

The cheeses were accompanied by a special artisan beer: a Wit - Blanche, made with water, barley malt, organic wheat, oats, hops and yeast.But the true outstanding quality of this speciality, called “Seta” (Silk), is its special aftertaste, an herbal mix obtained with coriander and sweet and sour orange peels.

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