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Carlo e Camilla in Duomo: A Look at Carlo Cracco's New Restaurant in Milan

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Carlo e Camilla in Duomo: A Look at Carlo Cracco's New Restaurant in Milan

A breakfast space, a meeting place for Milanese aperitifs, a cocktail bar and an easy-gourmet restaurant.

Italian chef Carlo Cracco is injecting new life into via Victor Hugo 4 into his central Milanese address with his new look premises and contemporary Italian cuisine, metropolitan style at Carlo e Camilla in Duomo.

La mise en place - Credit: Annalisa Cavaleri

Where the 2 Michelin starred restaurant once shone, for 18 years, there is a whole new space. Step inside and discover it with us!

Carlo e Camilla in Duomo - The Space

Il salottino - Credit: Annalisa Cavaleri

First off, the place is clearly divided into two.

Overlooking the street there's an area for breakfast, quick lunches, aperitifs and cocktails with a few tables and a small small but well stocked counter. The patisserie selection - of croissants, brioches and other favourites - is the work of Marco Pedron, head of the pastry section in Cracco in Galleria.

But it's down on level 2 that the magic happens. It's there that you are instantly embraced by an elegant, muted and welcoming environment. Dark anthracite gray tones, interspersed with the light shed by the large crystal chandeliers and linear touches of white and red dotted with potted plants soften the environment. 

The room - Credit: Annalisa Cavaleri

There are no tablecloths, with decorative white plates set directly on the tables, simple crystal glasses and white napkins. Everything contributes to creating that perfect balance of simplicity and elegance.

Sixty covers are divided among four rooms, one of which houses a long convial table surrounded by a sort of "staircase" where private parties can be organized for a greater number of guests.

Carlo e Camilla in Duomo - The Menu

Carlo e Camilla in Duomo intends to become a reference point for gourmets from morning to late night.

For a quick lunch or a savory snack, there are sandwiches and salads. Examples include Carlo's Sandwich, with English-style beef sirloin, confit tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and aioli with ginger, and Camilla's Sandwich with salmon tartare, lime, avocado and mango sauce. Don't miss the salads like Carlo's Salad, with misticanza, yellow and red tomatoes, burrata and capers and, of course, Camilla's Salad with prawns, papaya and almonds.

Different and technically more complex - albeit immediate on the palate - the setting for lunch or a gourmet dinner can be found in the basement.

Chef Gabriele Faggionato is at the helm. Born in Vicenza in 1987, and has been collaborating with Carlo Cracco in his various catering establishments since 2007, from Michelin starred Ristorante Cracco to Garage Italia. He will lead the kitchens of Carlo e Camilla in the Duomo.

The easy-to-read menu includes individual dishes (prices vary between 18 and 25 euros per course) and 4 tasting menus (4 courses for 60 euros, excluding wines and beverages), showcasing contemporary Italian cuisine.

Tonnato Calf - credit: Annalisa Cavaleri

The menu dedicated to "milanesità" includes Vitello tonnato, prepared with low-temperature cooked fillet placed on a base of caper powder and enriched with classic tuna sauce and veal soup.

Continue with "Risotto alla milanese our way". The ossobuco is cooked for 36 hours at a low temperature, coarsely blanched and seasoned with rosemary and lemon, reminiscent of gremolada. Surprisingly, instead of the bone, a "fake bone" made with a crisp blown cassava waffle closed formed in a cyliner shape and filled with marrow.

Cracco's inevitable signature dish "Cotoletta", in memory of his Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi: a veal cube breaded and fried in clarified butter, which remains well cooked on the outside and tender and pink in the middle. In combination with a rocket sauce, fresh cherry tomatoes and confit cherry tomatoes.

A plate of the creative menu - Credit: Annalisa Cavaleri

To finish, a single portion of Tiramisu, redesigned in a contemporary way, prepared with a Savoyard base, topped with a mascarpone mousse flavored with cardamom, hides a suprise centre of chocolate filled with liquid coffee.

Those in search of a lighter menu can choose a 4-course tasting menu prepared with organic ingredients: ranging from Gazpacho with stracciatella, fruit herbs and flowers, to pumpkin flowers stuffed with zucchini, peas and red quinoa, up to the Egg with baby asparagus and salicornia. Red fruits, yuzu and mint are for dessert offering a light and acidulous and refreshing light meal.

Don't miss the more colorful and creative proposal with dishes such as risotto with black tea with raw scampi and lemon and marinated scallops accompanied by avocado, yuzu, green apple and wasabi.

The menu will often change to follow the seasonality of ingredients and to offer the regular guests something new.

Carlo e Camilla in Duomo

Via Victor Hugo, 4 - Milano

02 4948921

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