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Dario Cecchini: 4 Addresses from the World's Most Famous Butcher

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Dario Cecchini: 4 Addresses from the World's Most Famous Butcher

To simply call him a butcher, at this point, would be an enormous understatement. Dario Cecchini is the Italian butcher that took the expertise and passionate philosophy behind his family Florentine butchery Antica Macelleria Cecchini and applied it his world-renowned meat-centric dining in Panzano.

The world's most famous butcher has spent 43 years harnessing his love of hospitality and showcasing his passion for his art in his three Italian venues of differing style in Panzano in Tuscany, and now in a brand new venture and big departure from the hills of Tuscany, in a luxury resort in the Bahamas.

Cecchini's passion for his trade was recently captured on Netflix Season 6. Following his journey from animal lover with early dreams of becoming a veterinarian to his epiphany in applying the same respect to animals in the art of butchery after taking over the family business and hasn't looked back in four decades.


Ci vediamo domani su @chefstablenetflix, solo su @netflix

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We take a look at each starting with his luxury Bahamas venture followed by his most “casual” of enterprises, a Tuscan alternative to fast-food, and work our way “upwards” in terms of menu and price range. The common denominator amongst all of Cecchini’s proposals, however, is conscious, committed, and carnivorous fine-dining.  House wine is always on the menu, but if customers prefer to bring their own bottle, they are welcome to do so free of charge. 

"To meat or not to meat" that is the question!



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This is the Italian butchers first venture outside of Italy and a huge departure from Cecchini's local Italian addresses in Florence. The tropically located venue opened in December 2018, in Baha Mar luxury resort in the Bahamas.  Expect design interiors in a luxury location - although the "No meat, no party" philosophy of Cecchini still applies.

The menu includes various cuts of meat sourced directly from farmers in Catalonia, Spain, and Panzano in Cecchini’s home of Chianti and is featured in a charcuterie and raw bar menu

1, Baha Mar Blvd Nassau, Bahamas
Dinner: Daily 6:00pm – 11:00pm

As he himself declares on his site, «It can be done». And done it he has: with very reasonably-priced menus (of either 10, 15 or 20 euros), Cecchini is offering his version of “fast food” without sacrificing authenticity or taste. Open only at lunchtime, and with no reservations, customers can opt for the Super Dario menu consisting of: a 250g beef medallion in a breaded crust, potatoes with garlic and sage, onions and seasonal vegetables, their homemade sauces, Tuscan bread and mineral water. Instead, the "Accoglienza" (which translates to “Welcoming") menu, costs double but is still a culinary bargain: fresh crudités, Chianti beef “sushi”, pork loin, his own special meatloaf with a “bold” sauce, Tuscan bread and mineral water.

Via XX Luglio 11, Panzano in Chianti (Florence)
Hours: Monday-Saturday: noon-3pm
Tel: +39 055 852020 (doesn’t accept reservations)
Website Dario Doc



Si tagliano le bistecche...

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Plan on spending at least two hours, from start to finish, while delighting in what Cecchini considers the true “butcher’s kitchen”. Diners all eat together at a common table and the 30 euro set menu includes six different meat courses dining from nose to tail (which vary according to the chef’s larder and never include steaks), plus seasonal vegetable side dishes, Tuscan white beans and bread, wine, cake, coffee and grappa. 

Via Chiantigiana 5, Panzano in Chianti (Florence)
Hours: Every day  - lunch at 1.00pm, dinner seatings at 7 pm, 8 pm or 9 pm
Tel:+39 055 5852020 (Reservations strongly suggested)
Website Solociccia


As the name implies, the “steak workshop” is the place to go if you want to eat a Florentine steak the way it was truly intended, inside the butcher's shop at a communal table. Not for people of meagre appetite, Cecchini urges patrons to arrive “punctual and with an empty stomach”. Continuing with his fixed menu formula, 50 euros comprises everything from carpaccio starters to enormous cuts of steak to crudités to potatoes to beans, bread, wine, water, cake, coffee and grappa to help you digest. If you’re going to do a Florentine steak, you might as well put yourself in the capable hands of the Master butcher.

Via XX Luglio 11, Panzano in Chianti (Florence)
Hours: Everyday 
Tel: +39 055 852176 (Reservations strongly suggested)
Website Officina della bistecca


Can't make it to Italy or the Bahamas? Try cooking your own steak Florentine at home with Dario Cecchini's tips on how to cook the perfect steak.

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