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The Pop-up Airline Cabin

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The Pop-up Airline Cabin

A new pop -up restaurant styled to look exactly the same as a plane cabin is opening in London in April. The temporary restaurant is run by British Airways ahead of the 2012 olympic games - guests will be able to enjoy a three course meal prepared by the Michelin star chef, Simom Hulstone and Heston Blumenthal.

The food will represent British flavours with some dishes going as far back as 1948. As well as supporting and promoting British talent in the olympics the campaign will also be used to showcases BA's new premium menus now being served to all first class passengers.

BA and other airlines in general have been doing a lot of development and research into food in the sky and how the negative image of soggy scrambled egg and chewy bacon can be replaced with high quality food - BA particulary have also been doing lots of research into how taste changes at high altitude and how the use of Umami may help to counteract these changes.

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