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Bread Shopping at Daylesford Bakery

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Bread Shopping at Daylesford Bakery

The art of baking bread – a nourishing food, both essential and simple, with a strong symbolic meaning – is renewed every day at the Daylesford bakery. More than twelve varieties of bread are baked every day, and arrive on the shelves of varies stores throughout London – from Notting Hill to corners in department stores like Harrods and Selfridges – much to the delight of the Daylesford bakery’s customers and fans. From the versatile white bread, to the 7-seed bread – rich with nutritional properties – to the pastries like croissant and pain au chocolat. This are just a few of the specialties from the Daylesford bakery, where the passion for making things well can be tasted in every bite. It’s the same passion that inspired the French-born and raised Eric Duhamel, the current Head Baker, to abandon a career as a marketing manager and dedicate his entire life to the delicate yet powerful alchemy of flour and water.

When asked about this month’s newest creation, a marvelous, natural sourdough bread, eriche with nettle and a touch of anise, Eric can barely conceal his enthusiasm: «Everyone should grow nettle in their garden! It’s a plant with exceptional properties and yet, not diffused at all. It re-activates the circulation, it’s great for the heart and helps alleviate joint pain. We pick it and then dry it gently, then add it to our stone-ground flower and mother yeast. When mixed with anise, it gives an herby flavour that pairs wonderfully with fish. Try a slice?

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