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This Blue Burger Looks Like Planet Earth

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This Blue Burger Looks Like Planet Earth
Photo Orbi Yokohama

Japanese science museum Orbi Yokohama is offering guests an out of this world treat. Diners who swing by the museum's café have the opportunity of dining on a blue burger made to look like planet Earth.

The burger is actually a fried chicken patty with salad and sauce sandwiched between two blue buns. The top bun is decorated with green to give the appearance of continents.

Aptly called the Blue Burger, the meaty treat sells for 470yen (about $4.50). You can wash it all down with a green melon soda ice cream float. This menu may not be as fancy as these other museum offerings but you can't deny it's pretty creative.

Museum administrators may want to add this delicious Earth cake to their menu. We're just sayin'...

Via Kotaku

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