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How One of New York's Best Steakhouses Does Steak

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How One of New York's Best Steakhouses Does Steak

So many New York restaurants come and go, but the Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn has been a constant for 130 years.

So, what is the secret to this traditional German style steakhouse’s success?

Business Insider sent their reporter to find out, and it seems the answer is simply, Peter Luger does some serious steaks.

They start with only with USDA Prime, the highest grade of US steak and of that they only select the best. The steaks are then dry aged on site for an unspecified period of time, then it’s butchered in house and seared and sent to the table sizzling hot. No fancy plating, no garnish, just meat on a plate.

Peter Luger was opened in 1887 as Karl Luger’s Café and Billiards and when the place came up for auction, the owner of a metal fabrication factory across the street bought it on a whim. It’s still in the same family and going from strength to strength as the neighbourhood in which it is found has been completely transformed in recent years.

With these massive steaks followed by traditional German dessert and gold coins for afters, it’s not for clean eaters, but that’s a trend, Peter Luger will be around long after clean eating has gone out of style.

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