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5 Best Paris Restaurants with Sharing Plates

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5 Best Paris Restaurants with Sharing Plates

Gone are the endless "entrée-plat-dessert" menus iconic of Parisen eateries. Instead,  the trend is for two, three or four dishes to be shared in restaurants that have made the choice to break from the code of tradition by advocating a preference for variety instead.

So if you want to share try out a number of dishes under the excuse they are "sharing" dishes, whether as a couple or amongst friends, here are our recommendations for the best Paris restaurants with sharing plates.

5 Restaurants in Paris with Sharing Plates 

1. Raw

At William Pradeleix's second address, Raw, forget classic menus, instead choose small dishes to share (or not!) with accompaniments. This address specialises in the raw, the fresh and the fragrant!  Fish and meat tartare, freshly harvested vegetables and exquisite marinades that elevate the dishes to perfection. Much more elaborate than tapas, these small dishes arrive at table's centre so that everyone can take pick and choose to their heart's desire.

Where? Raw, 57 rue de Turenne, 3e arrondissement de Paris.

2. Uptown

Uptown is one of the most prominent addresses appearing near Montmartre in the last few months. Far away from the touristy streets, the small restaurant with the exposed wooden framework proposes finely executed gourmet dishes for sharing. Carnivorous friends, linger on  "le Boeuf", the house's flagship beef dish, where the meat is marinated in soya before being cooked on the barbecue. Just one delight among many others to be discovered together. Reckon on about 4 courses for 2 people.

Where? 8 Rue Francoeur, 75018 Paris, France


Discover Uptown's less formal little sister, Joséphine, located in the Marais district. Whilst the principle remains the same, the dishes are more bistrot than gourmet, where you can enjoy generous portions of lamb shoulder, hazelnut-baked egg or ravioli with truffles. We recommend accompanying this with an excellent house puree or fried plantain to leave absolutely conquered by this address.

Where? Chez Joséphine, 6 place Sainte-Catherine, 4e arrondissement de Paris.

4. Elmer

Elmer is one of the most beautiful discoveries of 2016. Opened just over a year ago, the restaurant offers the classic starter-main-dessert menu, in which you can choose a dish to share like The Cochon du Ventoux, a divine meat dish served in portions large enough to be enjoyed by two. You can savour it all with an assortment of vegetables sometimes worked into pickles, sometimes roasted or even raw. In short, go without hesitation and discover the cuisine of Simon Horwitz, young chef passed by the kitchens of Pierre Gagnaire.

Where? Elmer, 30 rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth, 3e arrondissement de Paris.

5. L'Alsacien

At L'Alsacien, near the Hôtel de Ville station, you can taste traditional flammkuchen with friends. Here, there is no query over what to order as the Alsatian speciality is a must. Just make a group decision on on the topping and everyone gets to tuck in when it arrives in the centre of the table. Rrepeat until the table of guests are satisfied. Ideal for convivial and indulgent moments.

Where? 6 Rue Saint-Bon, 75004 Paris, France


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