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4 Mezcal Bars in New York

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4 Mezcal Bars in New York
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Mezcal has been slowly invading international shores for a long time now and a new bar in Brooklyn is hoping to tap into the growing trend of Mezcal bars in New York. 

Madre Mezcaleria opened most recently in the Prospect Heights area of Brooklyn. They serve 50 different types of Mescal alongside a solid selection of Mexican style dishes.

Mezcal is traditionally consumed straight and served with a slice of orange in a glass topped with salt. However, the growing trend for cocktails has also seen mezcal’s smoky, unique flavour incorporated into many different drink recipes.

In recent years, mezcal has gained more and more popularity outside of Mexico and in New York there are now a few locations to enjoy some serious mezcal.

Best Mezcal Bars in New York

The bar inside the Cosme restaurant has some of the finest mescals in New York. It’s also managed by a crew of tenders who appreciate the finer nuances between different varieties of the drink. It’s the perfect place to taste a different range of well sourced and well understood Mezcals. Let’s be honest, you’re in Cosme - you can now eat some of New York’s best Mexican cuisine - win, win.

A good place for the beginner mezcal drinker with a range of cocktails that allow people to access a lighter, fruitier side of the drink. They also kick out food and there are three different locations in New York.

This, almost hidden, gem in the China town area of New York, is a place for serious cocktail preparation. They have a mix of cocktails that incorporate the drink in exciting ways and also offer agave masterclasses for people wanting to learn more about tequila and mezcal.

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