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21 of The Best Italian Restaurants in America

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21 of The Best Italian Restaurants in America

Most Italians will have a story about trying to find a great Italian restaurant on Holiday, as will most Germans, French, just about any person with any type of food identity has found their self searching for a taste of home in a far flung land.

We mention Italians first in the list because they have arguably one of the strongest food identities around and also one of the cuisines that has spread well across the world.

In America, almost every city has an Italian restaurant and the Thrillist have decided to create a list of 21 of the best.

Their list takes in a mix of places across The States with a number of well known places making the final cut.

So if you’re Italian and craving a taste of home, or you just fancy a great plate of Italian food, take a look at this list of 21 of The Best Italian Restaurants in America.

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