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3 Tasty Tours for Some of The Best Food in Europe

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3 Tasty Tours for Some of The Best Food in Europe

There’s nothing quite like a bit of inside knowledge when travelling to a new city and with that in mind we’ve decided to round up a collection of some of some of our tastiest city tasting tours that will leave you straight to some of the best food in Europe.

From the complex history of Prague to the wonderful bites of Barcelona and the rich traditions and markets of London - this is a guide to some of the best food in Europe, the places that really do take you straight to the heart of a city’s food culture.

Here's a full collection of City Tasting Tours. 

Tapas? Tick. Drinks? Tick. Chocolate? Tick, Tick, Tick. It’s easy to get bowled over by the row upon row of tapas offered across Barcelona, every local will point you to they preferred spot and everyone will swear that their suggestion is the best in the city.

This guide will offer up some traditional tapas suggestions alongside a perfect sweet breakfast and a truly unique cheese tasting of Spanish cheeses that will show you a different side of Spanish cuisine in a city that has some of the best food in Europe.

This is a look at some of the new places you’ll find in Prague, from the ultra modern restaurants offering high end Czech cuisine to new Asian inspired spots and Sapa Market - a day offered tasting Vietnamese food and row upon row of crazy stock.

On top of beauty, history, art and a buzzing food scene, Prague also offers up great beer and of the obligatory bowl of goulash.

It’s hard to speak about the best food in Europe and not mention the city of London - a place that’s brimming with history and culture and a place that offers up some great destinations with markets, pubs, street food and some top top restaurants.

Take a stroll through some of the city’s historic markets, dine at some of the best restaurants and there’s even a tip for a beautiful boat ride before sampling some real English ale in a proper English Gastropub.


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