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Finding Great Feteer in Dubai

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Finding Great Feteer in Dubai
Photo The Hedonista

We've featured The Hedonista blog written by Sarah Walton before on FDL. The last time was after Sarah posted a great piece on Sri Lankan cuisine and ingredients and this time we just had to highlight her latest piece on the Egyptian food of Feteer.

Feteer is an Egyptian style pastry that after much work in the kitchen is made from a very thin layered dough. It is eaten across the Middle East and can be filled with a whole range of different ingredients, sweet or savory.

This post explores how feteer is made but the most useful part, and the section that really caught our eye, is the list of useful places to find great feteer in Dubai. Sarah has even added the best locations to a map for anyone visiting to easily find the top feteer vendors.

There's also some tips on eating the food in Cairo and even more info on enjoying other Egyptian foods in Dubai. If you're planning to go to Dubai this year we think this post will offer up some great tips.

We hope you enjoy this Best of The Blogs.

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