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21 Best Cities for Foodies

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21 Best Cities for Foodies

If you're a globetrotter with a love of the finer things in life, you'll also want to have the best addresses in town lined up when it comes to dining out. 

Here are 21 guides, from Perth, Australia to Las Vegas, US and Tbilisi, Georgia to Calcutta in India where you are guaranteed some of the best food in town, regardless of your budget.

Find out the must have addresses to make that trip even more memorable.

21 Best Cities for Foodies

Copenhagen, Denmark

Enjoy some of the finest new Nordic cuisine in the Danish capital. From Puglisi's acclaimed Relae restaurant to Larson's finger food at Skt Petri, we have all the addresses you need for a spectacular weekend of fine dining. Click here to discover.

Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish capital is notoriously expensive. But there is affordable dining to be found, if you know where to look. To find out all the budget-friendly addresses click here.

Marrakesh, Morocco

The "pink city" is full of decadent dining destinations. Find out all the addresses you need for an opulent evening here.

Paris, France

Where can you have the best, and possibly most expensive fish and chips in Paris? To find out click here, as well as discovering an eclectic selection of eateries in the city of light.

Rome, Italy

Rome not only boasts some of the world's most famous sights, but also a world class dining scene. Find out the best table here.

Como, Italy

The picturesque location of lake Como and a stream of visiting A listers have made this lakeside location a hot spot when it comes to dining out. Find out more here.

Miami, US

Miami's not all about the fishbowl cocktails. Infact, the city's growing food scene is just getting exciting. Find out why and where to go here.

Brooklyn, US

Discover a city of delights, just a stroll across the bridge from Manhattan, from doughnuts to some up and coming chefs, this is a tasty region worth discovering. Find out more

Reims, France

Discover the gastronomic delights of the Champagne region peppered with small villages where the food and drink are surprisingly accessible. Find out more

Calcutta, India

Find out the best in Bengali cuisine from fine spicing to decadent Indian desserts. This is where to eat in Calcutta.

Havana, Cuba

Discover the hidden delights of this fascinating city where food is also experiencing something of a revolution. Here's where to eat in Cuba.

Merida, Yucatan

This city rich in colonial history has an impressive spread of food in a wide selection of restaurants, waiting to be discovered. Find our more here.

Johannesburg, South Africa

This hugely diverse South African city is equally exciting when it comes to food, from fire-based cooking to dining in Nelson Mandela's once residence, here's where to eat in Johannesburg.

Helsinki, Finland

Find out the best coffee addresses - afterall the Fins boast the highest coffee consumption per capita in Europe, plus other interesting dining optionFind our more here.

Valencia, Spain

Discover the best addresses in the home of paella. Find out more here.

Lisbon, Portugal

Find out six addresses where to taste this best of this city's growing food scene: Where to eat in Lisbon

Perth, Australia

Perth may claim to be the most isolated city in the world, but it also boasts an eclectic dining scene with a wide spread of choice and global influences.Find out more here.

Athens, Greece

The ancient Greek capital also boasts some of the best modern Greek restaurants. Find out the must have addresses for a city break.

Las Vegas, US

Eat like a local in downtown Vegas and discover hidden delights away from the strip. Find out more here.

Tirana, Albania

Tirana is a city alive with an eclectic food and drink offering. Find out where to try here.

Tblisi, Georgia

This unusual city's rich tapestry of cuisine will have you wishing you'd discovered it earlier. Find out where to eat the best khachapuri and more.

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