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When Taste Meets Design: 'D.Chirico' Bakery in Australia

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When Taste Meets Design: 'D.Chirico' Bakery in Australia
Photo Peter Bennets

There's nothing simpler - and surprising at the same time - than a good and tasty piece of bread. And with the same concept Baker D. Chirico, a famous artisanal Australian bakery, asked the Melbourne-based March Studio to design the new interior of the Carlton shop.

The minimalistic design features an undulating plywood, that forms wall and ceiling, giving a dynamic sense of space to the narrow shop in addition to providing shelving for the bread. Standing in firm counterpoint to the wave of the bread wall, the centre counter is conceived as a giant chopping board.

The variety and expanse of the wall allows the display to be re-arranged and altered according to mood or season.


All images are © Peter Bennetts

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