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The Apple Museum in Kent

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The Apple Museum in Kent
Photo eye / Flickr

How many different varieties of apples are there? Thousands: a museum's aim is to collect them all.

The "apple museum" can be found in Kent, in the English countryside, and boasts a vast collection of trees, seeds and fruits - not just apples, but also pears, cherries, grapes and plums, to name but a few - from all over the world.

The aim of the collection, curated by the University of Reading and monitored by an international program (FAST – Farm Advisory Services Team), is to preserve the various species for future generations.

It’s worth a visit, however, for more bucolic reasons: in Spring, you can stroll amongst flowering peach, apple and cherry trees, while in Summer and Autumn you can sample their fruit.

And all year round you can buy them at the local market, either fresh or in the form of excellent, preservative-free natural jellies. Also at Brogdale, the museum’s home town, in October there’s an apple festival, while September is when the cider festival takes place.

For more informations about the museum clic here.

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