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Amo, Luxury Made Accessible in Central Venice

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Amo, Luxury Made Accessible in Central Venice

Breakfast, lunch, cocktails and dinner, in the heart of Venice, near the Rialto Bridge. A new luxury made accessible, stylish and fun by the Venetian bistrot, Amo.

Massimiliano and Raffaele Alajmo (Le Calandre, 3 Michelin stars) still bet on Venice following on from their elegant Café Quadri (1 Michelin Star), with the December 2016 opening of their brand new space in the courtyard of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, the most iconic palace in the city, where the bistrot is second only to the surrounding luxury shops.

Photo: Federico Nero

If, on arrival you notice the perfect balance between Venetian style luxury and modern furniture, don't be surprised: the Alajmo brothers have collaborated with renowned interior designer Philippe Starck, once again, who studied the right balance of elegance and extravagance for the Venetian project, playing on the 'Carnival' theme and the opulence of the Serenissima. Not an easy task to achieve, given that all the furniture, even the counter, have been created in such a way as to be removed during events at the Fondaco and at special requests from the municipality: "The sofas are inspired by the gondolas, the glasses are forged by Murano glass masters, the walls portray fantasies inspired by the Venetian Carnival" the designer explains.

The result is surprising: refined and with a collected atmosphere, especially in the evenings, among the arches and all the windows. The Alajmo's didn't just want Amo to be a place for tourists, but also to serve as a refuge for Venetians. And just as tourists begin to return to the hotel to sit down to drinks or dinner, that's when Amo takes on other notes, becoming an almost luxurious island, topped off by impeccable service - one of the signatures of all the Alajmo's restaurants - the food, and especially the lighting.

"At Amo everything is designed to measure" Raffaele Alajmo explains to us: "For dinner the lights gradually start to change, creating a completely different atmosphere from that of the day." The small courtyard of the Fondaco becomes an intimate place, where the customer feels loved - and pampered.

Photo: Matthew Defina

Even set against the glitz and design the food doesn't disappear into the background: Amo's menu is absolutely contemporary, and is designed, as always, by Massimiliano and his team. Every four months the menu changes according to season and creativity, just as they do in the Alajmo's other signature restaurants.

The menu focuses on simplicity and freshness: a large selection of vegetable focused dishes - carpaccio of beetroot (pictured above), avocado and tasty vegetable tartare - not counting Massimiliano's famous pizza/focaccia, a sort of variation on the gourmet pizza, cooked steamed, baked or fried with garlic and very generous toppings: a must try is the black rice with vegetables as well as the fish.

The daily menu, based on the availability of the Rialto Market is by no means lagging behind, with dishes ranging from eggplant parmigiana and rice dishes to fish and meat.

The lowest common denominators are delicacy and lightness, two characteristics which have always gone hand in hand in Alajmo's kitchen.

Leave space for dessert, Massimiliano's famous ever different panettone is waiting for you, to be enjoyed all year round along with homemade ice cream accompanied by red fruits and chocolate.

An unmissable breakfast destination : it's here you can taste the famous brioche Il Calandrino Rubano - with turmeric - and even pick up some purchases, including design products and Alajmo's signature food. Don't miss the "crema exceptionale" , a spreadable cream made with hazelnuts and chocolate that will take your breakfast at home to new heights.

The prices, quality, service and location, are mid range for Venice. For lunch or dinner, expect an average bill to be €50: a small mirage in the jungle of tourist restaurants that abound in the area.

Affordable luxury signed by the Alajmo brothers: in Venice these are qualities not to be overlooked.

What: Amo

Where: T Fondaco dei Tedeschi by DFS, San Marco 5556, Venice

Tel: 00 39 (0)41 2412823

Opening Hours: From 10am till 10pm






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