Want to Eat at The Kitchen At The Edge Of The World?

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Want to Eat at The Kitchen At The Edge Of The World?

The Kitchen At The Edge Of The World is a series of events set far-northern Norway, in the Artic Circle, removed from the rhythms and pressures of everyday life it is an escape to Holmen Lofoten to rediscover a closeness to nature in dramatic and remote surroundings.

Holmen Lofoten: Kitchen on the Edge of the World from Holmen Lofoten on Vimeo.

Fine dining is the centrepiece to this excursion created in collaboration with British chefs Valentine Warner and Mark Hix the Kitchen on the Edge of the World, for 2019 and beyond, aims to bring guests to the nether regions of the tundra in order to enjoy food from the best chefs in the world, drinks from some of the best bartenders, enlightening talks from esteemed speakers and a connection to an elemental nature you’ll never forget.

You’ll get to stay in cosy wooden huts and curl up in front of the fire every evening after enjoying the great outdoors with activities experiences including island picnics, fishing, hare hunting, knife making, yoga and plenty more.

Up there they say they think about luxury differently, and by the looks of it, their version of luxury may be rough and raw, but it’s stunningly beautiful.

Available dates in 2019:

21 – 25 March

Valentine Warner presents Mark Hix, Nick Strangeway and DBC Pierre

20 – 24 June

Valentine Warner presents Nathan Outlaw, Nick Strangeway and Matt Haig

19 – 23 September

Valentine Warner presents Gill Meller, Oliver Rampley, Mark Hix, Nick Strangeway and Bridget Nicholls

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