Can Your Food Control You? Find the Answer at the Museum

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Can Your Food Control You? Find the Answer at the Museum

Have you ever been ambushed by the overwhelming desire for a burger, pickled onion crisps or a sugary treat? Was the famous children’s author Roald Dahl onto something with his ‘Tummy Beast’ poem and the little known ‘second brain’ lurking inside your stomach? Is your mother to blame yet again… or are there greater forces at play here? From the food choices your mother made when you were in the womb, to your next tasty morsel, the exhibition Cravings: Can Your Food Control You? explains how your appetite has been shaped by food.

The Science Museum have put some cutting edge rational science behind what can sometimes feel like uncontrollable food cravings. Take a journey with personal stories, fascinating objects, science and technology to explore how food affects your brain body and eating habits.

Next time you find yourself reaching for the biscuit cupboard, take comfort in the theory that you may just be at the mercy of your brain, your ‘gut brain’ and even your gut bacteria conspiring against you. Take part in the online experiment and help Chef Heston Blumenthal and food scientist Charles Spence from Oxford University (you can read an interview with him here) find out more about how our senses can affect how we enjoy our food.

WHAT Cravings, Can Your Food Control You?
WHEN Until 10/01/2016
WHERE Science Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, U.K. SW7 2DD
WEB Science Museum Website

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