Rum Under The Sun: Miami Will Celebrate A Week-long Festival

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Rum Under The Sun: Miami Will Celebrate A Week-long Festival

As if Miami was not hot enough, the city will be dancing to the rhythm of rum next week when the annual Miami Rum Renaissance Festival hits the scene.

The week-long international festival will pay homage to the drink of the tropics. Miami is no stranger to rum thanks to its large population of Latin immigrants and Cuban exiles. The city is officially the adopted home of the Mojito, a rum drink that was first created in Cuba.

Themed A Celebration of Cane Spirits in the New World, the rum festival is set in a backdrop of emerald waters and sunshine. It will be held from 16-22 April at the legendary Deauville Beach Resort on Miami Beach, the former stomping ground of celebrities Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. It will showcase all types of rum produced across North, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

With that in mind, FDL provides you a guide of the five basic types of rum. This way you won't feel lost if you happen to find yourself in the city of sunshine and fun just in time for Rum Week.


Light - Usually clear in color, these rums are the perfect base for making cocktails because they are not strong in flavor.

Gold - In general, gold rums have been aged and are frequently mixed with molasses to add flavor and color.

Dark - These rums are usually very dark due to the added molasses and longer period of aging. Bold in flavor, they they can be drank on their own.

Infused - Ranging in styles, these rums reflect the flavor of the ingredients they have been infused with. Popular infusions are mango, banana and coconut.

Spiced - This is usually a gold rum that has been infused with a range of spices.



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