Not Only Jelly: A 'Fast-Food' Happening By Bompas & Parr

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Not Only Jelly: A 'Fast-Food' Happening By Bompas & Parr

London’s Fashion Week was the venue for Bompas & Parr’s first fast-food happening. This time the British duo left jellies behind and opted for a savory experience, installing a phantasmagoric pop-up Drive Thru sponsored by Mercedes.

Located at the 40 meters (131 feet) long marble entrance of the Old Selfridges Hotel, the fast food joint invited London’s fashion crowd to get served by driving through an art light installation arranged by the Jason Bruges Studio.

Ironically enough, the menu included burgers answering to the name Big Merc and Veg Merc followed by grapes and fruit sodas, served in a record time of 180 seconds straight into the visitor’s cars by an entourage of glittery roller-skating staff. The installation was completed with a revolving restaurant for the pedestrian passers-by and an artwork with moving eyeballs entitled The Four Horsemen of the Oesophagus.

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