Pizza Party: Enjoy the Italian Tastes in Vico Equense

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Pizza Party: Enjoy the Italian Tastes in Vico Equense
Photo Maurizio Camagna

10 of Italy’s master "pizzaioli" came together for a special celebration of this classic and beloved dish. In a breathtaking location.

What are ten pizza makers doing on the beach in front of Vesuvio, with wood-burning oven brought in especially for the occasion? They’re baking pizzas, naturally.

The best pizzas, made by the best pizzaioli, those whom gourmands consider the “princes” of the world’s most beloved dish. And they’ve all gathered together in Vico Equense for the very first party celebrating masterfully made pizzas, called ‘A Pizza, which took place on 8 June. With its magical atmosphere, dream-like location and gastronomic quality, it’s clear that pizza has become chic – and the event brought together both the traditional and experimental techniques of this extraordinary dish.

From the Neapolitan classic from pizza maestros like Enzo Coccia and Gino Sorbillo, to the (only) one kneaded by hand by Franco Pepe. And then there were the Roman variants, from the experimentations by Gabriele Bonci to the classic versions by Pierluigi Roscioli. A female representative in this “academy” was Marzia Buzzanca with her gourmet pizzas.

This gathering of heroes made one concept extremely clear: pizza is nothing if not elementary – flour, water, yeast and condiment. However, making it is anything but simple. The execution and results depend both on the quality of the ingredients as well as the hands of the person making the pizza. They must be intelligent hands, thoughtful hands, loving hands. Leavened dough is something living, something that is born and then grows. And like any newborn, it needs a lot of care and attention. And the condiment, which completes any masterpieces, becomes a chance to let your imagination and creativity soar.

This is why great pizza is something rare. And like all simple things, it’s difficult to create and very, very easy to love.

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