International Picnic Day on 18th of June

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International Picnic Day on 18th of June

On one day a year, no matter what the weather, people from all walks of life, all over the word are expected to dust of their baskets, grab some cutlery, take a blanket and head to their local park in homage of International Picnic Day. 

Gone are all the usual rules of fine dining etiquette as people head outdoors to share their delights with others gathering to picnic. 

The Oxford English dictionary defines a picnic as "an occasion when a packed meal is eaten outdoors."With that in mind many people have eaten a picnic without even realising. 

The day has many dates and references, however, the 18th of June seems to be the most significant, and published day for the more discerning picnicker to pack up their gear and head to open ground.  

This style of dining is thought to originate from the French word,Pique-nique - Piquire meaning to pick at food and nique - something small of no value.

Many historians believe that picnics date back to Medieval feasts that would occur after village hunters had a successful kill. But whatever the meaning for you, and, whatever the origin - one can not argue with the bubbly excitement that comes from that very simple pleasure of consuming food outdoors. 

So, whether it's a romantic picnic for two or a family event for all - remember that on the 18th of June - your baskets better be brimming with edible delights for all to share...

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