It's Time to Talk All Things Food

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It's Time to Talk All Things Food

The latest instalment of Diálogos de Cocina (Kitchen Dialogues), a food conference organised by the Mugaritz restaurant and the Basque Culinary Center, will launch March 13-14.

The event, which is now in it’s 10th year, is unique because of the depth and range of topics that are discussed on stage from speakers that cover everything from science to journalism, cooking to technology.

Starting with one big question, each talk, presentation and story will focus on answering a large and complex issue in an honest way.

What's food today? Can food lie? What´s a restaurant exactly? What is the point of fine dining? Whats truth? What´s hunger? Is food an open source? These are just a few of the topics that will debated and discussed by speakers such as the writers Ruth Reichl and Bee Wilson, alongside the likes of chefs Dominique Crenn, Joan Roca and Andoni Luis Aduriz.

Explaining the idea behind the event, Andoni Luis Aduriz said: “We’ll use the opportunity to think collectively. We’ll analyse how cooking has become a language in itself, and how we, in effect, are programmers, coders, hackers of the code known as gastronomy.

“We’ll ask controversial but necessary questions to identify stimulating areas for action and reflection”.

These type of honest and open conversations are rare in the industry and it will be interesting to report on the outcome of the event. Stay tuned for more.

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