Are You an Ice Cream Lover? Welcome to the Cones Hotel

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Are You an Ice Cream Lover? Welcome to the Cones Hotel

Hosted at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel, Come up to my room (or CUTMR) is an annual alternative design event, in which various artists are invited to use the hotel rooms as a setting for showing what goes on in their minds.

The four-day event is now in its 8th year, making use of 11 different rooms, 44 featured artists and designers, and including 14 public space installations as well as design talks and guided tours by the curators. A participant in a past edition of CUTMR, Liz Wolfe was paired with product designer Mauricio Alfonso.

Obviously what resulted in the room 211 might have looked sweet and tempting at first glance (a faucet spouting twisted sugar rope candy!) but there was something just a little…disturbing – like a puddle formed from a regiment of upside-down ice cream cones. If you’re half-tempted to take a bite, and half-tempted to look away, you know you’re looking at the work of Liz Wolfe.

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