The Art of Breakfast, Italian Style

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The Art of Breakfast, Italian Style

With its rituals and simplicity, its gestures and domestic intimacy, there’s a unique art to the meal of breakfast.

And who better to bring this to our attention than the Italian art critic Philippe Daverio, who explains the 36 photographs taken by Elena Daverio Gregori, whose images capture an inviting world made up of the coffee, jams and plants, cheeses and fruits that beautify our tables every morning. Her expert eye arranges the objects in a manner that is at once poetic and familiar, and never seems posed or artificial. It’s a simple reminder of the simple gestures that we do for loved ones, and that loved ones have done for us.

The exhibit was inaugurated on April 1st at the Antonia Jannone Gallery in Milan, and will be on show until the 14th. Proceeds will be donated to Milan’s cancer non-profit, the Istituto nazionale dei Tumori.

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