Taste Photography in London

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Taste Photography in London

From March 19th to the 29th London will play host to an interesting food event called Say Cheese.

Created by The Art of Dining, the event invites people for a five course meal at a pop up restaurant within a former Library in Hoxton, however, food is just one facet of the evening as guests will be invited to take part in a what can only be described as an edible photography exhibition.

The walls will feature pictures taken by the esteemed British photographer Martin Parr and the photograph on the walls be then be recreated on the plates by chef Ellen Parr.

On top of the interesting convergence of art and food, the chef will also work to play even further with the guest’s perception as sweet and savoury flavours are inverted. There place will be transformed into a quintessentially british setting and will also feature a bar serving what are being pitched as Retro Classic Cocktails.

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