2012 Cook & Fashion Event

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2012 Cook & Fashion Event
Photo Cook & Fashion

Haute couture and food have experienced a sort of renaissance together, prompting some to claim that food is the new fashion. That peculiar marriage will be explored at the 2012 Cook & Fashion event.

The 9th edition of the festival will be held at the Balenciaga Museum in Spain this Saturday. The event will honor the art of pastry and with a series of activities combining food and fashion.

The culinary part of the event will feature the ancient Japanese tradition of nyotaimori, which consists of placing sushi or sashimi on a naked woman's body. In this case, the bodies of lingerie-clad models will be adorned with mini pastries.

A special fashion show will feature the work of 15 designers, including Maider Alzaga, Tytti Thusberg and Iraia Oiartzabal. The designs will be paired with the dishes of six chefs and nine pastry chefs from a group called Pastelak.

Cook & Fashion promises to be an event like none other.  How do organizers describe it? In the words of project manager Lourdes Mariño''Two essential needs, food and clothing, have now been raised to the arts level, through the cook and fashion experts' sensibility.'' 

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