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Redzepi On Noma: ''We Stumbled Into It''

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Redzepi On Noma: ''We Stumbled Into It''
Photo Studio Q

This video from Toronto's Studio Q features an incredible interview with Denmark's René Redzepi. The world's second best chef chats it up with host Jian Ghomeshi and confesses his award-winning restaurant is something he ''stumbled'' upon.

The interview was conducted during Redzepi's recent visit to the Terroir Symposium where he was a keynote speaker. Redzepi talks extensively about his new Nordic cuisine and passion for local foods. He compares his stance on locavorism as having his feet firmly planted in the ground but allowing his head to be ''contaminated'' by other cultures around the world. 

The acclaimed chef also addressed criticism he considers completly ridiculous (like the time local press called him a foraging Nazi). ''To compare the love for a carrot that's grown 30 minutes away from you to Nazism I just think it's preposterous, down-right stupid.''

It's pretty great to watch Redzepi have such a candid chat about his career, having ants on the table and why Canada is prime for having its own cuisine. ''Why shouldn't there be a Canadian flavor besides maple syrup?

Redzepi's restaurant Noma currently ranks second on The World's 50 Best Restaurants list sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna.

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