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Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Cookbooks go up for Auction

09 June, 2021
Marilyn Monroe

Photo: FPG / Photographer not credited [1], Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The schedule lists options for an 8am breakfast, including orange juice or stewed prunes, a bowl of hot cereal for breakfast, along with a cup of milk or weak cocoa and two slices of toast and butter.

A carb-heavy lunch at 1pm, including a boiled egg, potato, spaghetti or noodles with bread or toast and cooked fruit or jello.

And finally, a protein-based dinner at 6.30pm, with a choice of lean beef, chicken, lamb, sweetbread, chicken liver or fish and perhaps most surprisingly eggnog at 11pm.

John Zuckerman of Siegel Auction Galleries told The Times: "Being so famous and going out for dinner was difficult... The paparazzi weren't quite as big as they are today but they were certainly following her around... there was no Uber Eats or anything like that."

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