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Molecular Gastronomy: when Science Meets Food

Molecular gastronomy makes all other cooking fads lose relevance: it is the ultimate fantasy to create by combining science and cooking. It is exciting and it has allowed for some revolutionary research and findings in the cooking world. Often considered just fancy and unnecessary showing off, at the expense of taste, it is, instead, a wider perception of cooking, which includes physics to improve the cooking outcome. The ideal cooking temperature for an egg has been discovered thanks to molecular gastronomy, for example. There are some science-aficionado chefs who have devoted a great deal of time to studying the physical and chemical mechanisms of cooking. Their kitchens become sci-fi labs as they strive to understand what lies behind gastronomy. The main objectives of molecular gastronomy are to understand in detail culinary transformations and processes, from a technical, artistic and social standpoint. Discover with us the secrets of molecular gastronomy and experience lots of recipes, news, posts and stories about it.

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