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Produced in Tuscany since 1860, Acqua Panna still natural mineral water has a distinct taste of quality and purity that comes from a unique hydro basin found on a 1300 hectare natural reserve in the Tuscan Appennine Mountains, in Italy. A team of specially trained geologists on site ensures that the quality of Acqua Panna Waters remains. The water takes a 15-year natural transition through a limestone formation called an aquifer. The company bottles over 300 million litres of natural mineral water annually with 30% of that being exported abroad. Famed for its silky smooth texture and crisp flavor, Acqua Panna still water is served on the best tables in the world: a truly distinct fine dining water. Here you'll find news regarding Acqua Panna products and events: Acqua Panna Tuscan Days and many more, and you can be sure you'll read it here before you see it anywhere else.

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